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Control System Design: Getting Started with Arduino and MATLAB (kit only)*

$135.00 each Weight: 1.1 kg
Width: 20 cm
Length: 24 cm
Height: 7 cm

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The experimental kit includes necessary components and explanation about how to assemble the kit for three different experiments to learn the control system design: speed control (introductory level), position control (basic level), and Ball & Beam (applied level), which are all introduced in the book “Control System Design: Getting Started with Arduino and Matlab”.
Theory and experiments, tailored to the levels from basic to applied can be learned by this hands-on self-study kit of control system design and model-based development. Using the open source hardware Arduino and generic parts frees your mind for new ideas to develop other applications and experiments.
Caution: MATLAB, Simulink, Arduino are NOTincluded!
Kit import to France has been rejected by France customs, we don't ship to France.

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